Beach Football

Beach Football have grown year on year. The growth amongst the inland provinces resulted in the inland teams performing extremely well at the national championships. The reigning Champions are the Mpumalanga province. Inland teams use makeshift fields to play on as they prepare for the annual championships. This championship provides the ideal platform for specialisation in this form of football.

Indoor Football

Funding was also granted for the African Nations Cup hosted at the Standard Bank arena where Morocco beat Egypt in a thrilling final.

This form of the game has taken root as a social activity at private institutions and individual levels. The South African Indoor Football Association (SAIFA), an associate member of SAFA has an established league and it is thus important for structured leagues at local and regional levels to be established that will feed into the SAIFA system.

The previous national championship was a closely contested affair and the 2015 edition will no doubt provide quality competition. The current champion Kwa Zulu Natal Province will beĀ  keen to defend their title.

Approved Funding to date: R7 million + R3,4 million for Africa

Funding has been approved to fund the reach of the game in South Africa, providing support for futsal and beach football including funding for the beach football national team.