Football for Hope Centre Host
Malaika, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Malaria awareness and prevention
Period of funding
2013 – to date
Amount funded
R341 800
Area(s) of funding
Malaria awareness and prevention
Target age group
7 - 26
The mission of Malaika (formally known as the Georges Malaika Foundation) is to empower Congolese girls and their communities through education. An educated woman will earn up to 25% more and will reinvest 90% of her income in her family and community. These are key factors in a nation’s socioeconomic development, and yet girls still face immense obstacles in obtaining an education in the DRC. Malaika mobilises resources so that these girls can receive the best schooling possible, providing them with greater choices, opportunities and the capacity to make informed decisions.

In 2013, Malaika partnered with FIFA to build the Kalebuka Football for Hope Centre, a community center that offers education, health, entrepreneurship and sport programs to youth and adults in the village. The center serves as a hub for the community, uniting families while providing information, support and a positive outlet through fitness.